Why USA is Affected With More Coronavirus Death?

One of the Most effected Countries due to Corona Virus is the United States of America and Italy. In this post, we will try to pick the why Coronavirus Spread more in these Countries than any other. We will try to list the reasons Why the USA is Affected by more coronavirus deaths. So, let begin.

How Many People Died Due to Coronavirus?

The total number of confirmed dead according to worldometers its 68602 in the USA. The Active cases as on 04th May 2020 its 1188421 and Recovered are 178594.

Total coronavirus patient in America?

The total number of patients who are suffering from Coronavirus is 941261 as on 04th May 2020 stats are according to Worldometers.info.

How Many People Died Due to Coronavirus
How Many People Died Due to Coronavirus | Pic Credits: Forbes.com

What procedures to extend a b1b2 visa in the USA due to coronavirus?

Presently the Immigrations have been put to halt. The Department of Homeland Security(DHS) has stopped any filings due to the Coronavirus (COVID – 19). You can check the online status here COVID 19 delays extension change status filings

You can check the detailed information about

  • Apply for an Extention
  • If you File in a Timely Manner
  • Flexibility for Late Applications (check out for Special Situations and apply accordingly)
  • Flexibility for Visa Waiver Entrants (for this applicant to check out USCIS Contact Center
     and proceed further)
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What action the USA should take on China for deliberately spreading coronavirus?

Donald Trump is very much taking this Coronavirus very seriously.

White House officials and multiple congressional lawmakers have become increasingly fixated on China’s response to the outbreak and failure to contain it, asserting Chinese officials concealed key information and refused to cooperate with international health organizations.

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Chinese officials have repeatedly rejected allegations that they did not act swiftly enough to confront the virus.

U.S. officials spoke on the condition of anonymity for this story to discuss private and internal negotiations.

A spokesman for the White House National Security Council said in an email: “We don’t comment on internal deliberations.”

For more information on this, please check out trump china coronavirus retaliation official post from Washingtonpost

How can I help people who died by a coronavirus in the USA?

The only thing we can do right now and help is, make sure we don’t go out unless it is necessary. Here are the things which you can do

  • You can stay at home and only go out if it is needed.
  • Only one member from the family should be going out to get the groceries.
  • Preventive measures must be taken while going out.
  • After coming home you have to make sure you sanitize your hands and take care of your mask

How can I make Face Mask At home?

Here is a detailed video on how to make a face mask at home easily.

Who is the team leader anti coronavirus vaccine in America?

The US has already begun the first Human Trial of Coronavirus Vaccine. They named the vaccine as mRNA-1273.

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The Vaccine is developed by NIAID scientists and their team. The Vaccine is developed at Biotechnology Company Moderna, Inc. Which is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts?

For more Detailed Information: ➡ US begins first human trial of coronavirus vaccine

In America how many Nris died due to coronavirus?

One of the major Question most of them are asking, how many Nris died due to Covid-19? According to the latest report from Livemint.com. 40 Indians died due to coronavirus in the US

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