When criticizing Madonna’s “new appearance,” Lorraine Kelly remarks that she “looks like a hard-boiled egg.”

As Lorraine Kelly wanted to know what the celebrity had done to her face, she remarked that Madonna now has the appearance of a “hard-cooked egg.”

The 64-year-old singer of the famous song “Material Girl” used TikTok to share a humorous video in which she flaunted her pink-dyed hair while donning a white corset-style top.

Fans were perplexed as she appeared to insinuate she was gay in her most bizarre social media post.

When Ross King visited Lorraine this morning to discuss the most recent entertainment, Lorraine could not conceal her shock at the music icon’s most recent performance.

Is that Madonna? the Scot exclaimed. She escapes my recognition!

What has she done, really? She was so stunning; why do ladies harm themselves in this way?

“She doesn’t appear to have any features; she appears like a boiled egg. I dislike her because I genuinely like her.

When criticizing Madonna's "new appearance," Lorraine Kelly remarks that she "looks like a hard-boiled egg."

Lorraine continued by praising Ari Lennox’s appearance at 67 years old.

And also because she hasn’t had any tasks completed on her face, she looks great, much greater than Madonna does.

This past weekend, the celebrity made a splash with her most recent style change.

As she wrinkled up a pair of hot pink underwear, she wrote in the caption of the video, “If I miss, I’m Gay!”

The bathroom trash can was the next target for the vocalist, who just missed. She then abruptly turned around and raised an arm in the air.

Fans immediately posted their opinions in the comments area even though it’s unclear whether the pop icon truly made an announcement.

One person asked: “Did I just see Madonna come out? Good for her, someone else added, as I was thinking, “Did Madonna just come out? And I’m seeing it happen right now?”

I’m watching history, a third person commented, and a third person inquired, “Did Madonna just come out?”

Fans were quick to bring out the bisexuality of the six-child mother. The rumors have never been formally confirmed or disputed by Madonna.

She had previously stated: “Everyone, in my opinion, has a bisexual predisposition. That is my premise. I might be mistaken.”