What’s Going on with ‘The Masked Singer’ Tonight and When It Will Air

There is uncertainty regarding the reality series’ premiere date due to a postponement of an MLB postseason game.

A fresh trio of celebrities in disguise have been performing on The Masked Singer for a week, much to the delight of fans.

They were therefore understandably perplexed when they tuned into FOX at the customary time of 8 p.m. ET and saw baseball uniforms rather than a gigantic ear of corn or a beautifully painted mermaid.

This is due to The Masked Singer’s episode of this week not airing tonight! The chapter was reportedly postponed until after the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves playoffs Pro Baseball tournament because of the game’s tardy start.

What's Going on with 'The Masked Singer' Tonight and When It Will Air

At 4:35 p.m., the second game of the NLDS contest was scheduled to begin. The start time was pushed back due to bad weather in Atlanta.

A few hours later, things began. Unfortunately, that interfered with every nighttime program on FOX, including The Masked Singer.

The social media pages for the show first stated that it would “be on soon” after the game.

This was some time before the show was scheduled to air. The show eventually deleted the tweet, replacing it with the phrase “We’ll see you next week,” though.

This is unprecedented for the reality series that won an Emmy. The show has never abruptly canceled the airing of episodes, despite taking several weeks off in previous fall seasons due to the World Series.

To further compound the misunderstanding, the broadcast made no mention of the actual release date of the episode.

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According to what we can tell, the U.S. networks did not run the episode, while it was broadcast normally in Canada.

According to Fox, the program has been delayed and will air next Wednesday night during its normal time slot. The program from tonight won’t be available on Hulu or FOX NOW tomorrow.

The excellent news is that audiences won’t miss the episode on TV, and later in the season, we could have back-to-back episodes of Masked Singer or an extended week of the show.

We might not be out of the woods with some Masked Singer scheduling oddities, though, given the playoff baseball that is still to come this month—and the delays that go with it.