Tyreik Wiki, Age, Family & Net Worth

Tyreik is a comedian on Youtube from the USA. He is a kid who makes comedy videos with his dad G-Nate on YouTube.

Tyreik  Early Life

Tyreik was born on June 11th, 2001 in Louisiana, United States. His zodiac sign is Gemini and is currently 18 years old.

Tyreik has four siblings, sisters Lyric and Laila, and two brothers who are twins Jayce and Jaylen.

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Tyreik has had a bit of turbulent childhood, where he had been imprisoned and at the same time his mother died due to cancer, he could not visit her at that time.

Tyreik Wiki, Age, Family & Net Worth
Tyreik and Father G-nate

Tyreik was into the street style living, he was into weed and other forms of intoxication and was imprisoned due to that.

After a while, G-Nate his father told the media that he was out of th at life and was mending his life getting A’s

at school and stayed home.

Later on again he turned his life into the street style living and got back into the wrong ways.

Tyreik Wiki, Age, Family & Net Worth

Currently, it is said that he is out of the wrong way and is back to living his life normally and mending his life again.

Tyreik Career

Tyreik’s career started out from YouTube after he and his dad started making videos after he was out of the prison.

His father and he made comedy videos and videos on how a child’s life can be impacted by child abuse. They showed many forms of abuse on the child and told their audience how harmful and disturbing it gets for the child.

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Tyreik Wiki, Age, Family & Net Worth
Tyreik back to life from imprisonment

The videos got very popular and started gaining attention and sent a powerful message to the world. His father G-Nate was said to be imprisoned again after a while due to having firearms.

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Their channel on YouTube has many subscribers, they have more than 30K subscribers and Tyreik’s Instagram has also grown drastically since his account was on running.

Tyreik Wiki, Age, Family & Net Worth

Other than comedy videos, Tyreik is interested in making music, he loves making freestyle music. He has made three music videos to date.

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Tyreik Net Worth

Tyreik’s net worth is $1 million as of 2020.

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