The Warriors Demand Consistency After Jordan Poole Carrying Calls vs. The Heat.

In the Warriors’ 116-109 loss to the Heat on Tuesday night at FTX Arena, Jordan Poole called for more carry violations than the Miami Heat squad.

The 23-year-old guard struggled all night, scoring nine points on 3-of-10 field shooting and 1-of-7 from beyond the arc. He also had five turnovers, three of which were penalties for carrying. 

The NBA looks to be stressing the significance of carrying calls. Warriors coach Steve Kerr was caught surprised on Tuesday.

“I assume an email went out today, and honestly, I didn’t check my inbox,” Kerr told reporters following the loss. “Like, we have a game today, so I’m not checking emails.”

The Warriors Demand Consistency After Jordan Poole Carrying Calls vs. The Heat.

I was surprised because the entire league does it. They’ve been doing it since Allen Iverson persuaded the officials that it wasn’t a carry.

“This is a carry.” Jordan does a carry, but the entire league does it. “I suppose I should start reading my inbox on game days.” Miami received one carrying infraction from Caleb Martin, but Green feels it should have been more.

Because every guard in the NBA takes, if you’re going to call it, you should call it. Green responded to the question after the game with “a lot.”

The best ball handlers in the NBA regularly carry the ball. So, if it is a subject that interests you, let’s look at it.

But I’m not confident about how many I’ve seen all year, and seeing three in a single game on one player is unique. So, if it attracts attention, that’s fantastic. But first, let’s take a peek.

“But they do get one; I adore Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry; they’re both fantastic. However, they were unable to play the game.

So it can’t be too much of a point of attention if we just received one, and I believe it was on Caleb Martin. Would like to hear it named that way in the future.

After the game, Poole posted a series of subtle jabs at the referees on his Instagram account, making it apparent that he wasn’t satisfied with the decisions.

The Warriors Demand Consistency After Jordan Poole Carrying Calls vs. The Heat.

Golden State has now lost three straight games and is winless on the road this season. The Warriors will get a day off before playing the last-place Orlando Magic (1-7) of the Eastern Conference on Thursday at Amway Center.

The Warriors did not make Poole accessible to the media during a news conference on Tuesday, but the guard joined in on his Instagram story by uploading a classic clip of overzealous umpire Steve Javie controlling Iverson.

Poole was hardly the first Warriors player to get victimized by dubious calls. Steph Curry completed his 10th career triple-double – 23 points, 13 rebounds, and 13 assists – but it might have been more if the officials hadn’t reversed a foul call on Jimmy Butler in the fourth quarter.

The Warriors were trailing 112-109 at the time, and Curry could have knotted the game with three free shots. The rest of the way, Golden State failed to score.