‘The Masked Singer’ Finally Exposes Maize and Mermaid’s Identities: Here’s Who They Are

SPOILER ALERT; If you haven’t seen “The Masked Singer,” Season 8, Episode 4, “TV Theme Night,” which aired Oct. 19 on Fox, don’t read on.

After a weather delay moved baseball playoffs into primetime last week, the newest episode of “The Masked Singer” aired on Fox a week later and viewers finally got to witness Mario Cantone seem upset that he was leaving the show after only one episode.

Nonetheless, he found consolation in the fact that he is in good company: Gloria Gaynor was also exposed in the latest double masking on “The Masked Singer” on Wednesday night, in honor of “Andrew Lloyd Webber Night.”

'The Masked Singer' Finally Exposes Maize and Mermaid's Identities: Here's Who They Are

Cantone was shown to be Gaynor underneath the Maize outfit. The Cantonese was the first to go out of this week’s three performances, receiving the fewest votes.

Gaynor was later exposed as Mermaid after a fight royale with Robot Girl (in which both took turns singing “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina ” from “Evita”). Robot Girl triumphed and advanced to the next episode.

“I felt I sang that song to death,” Cantone said. “But, you know, Gloria Gaynor got voted out, so I suppose I was in good company.” “She’s incredible. So that helps to cure the wound slightly.”

“People offer me some programs like this, and I just don’t do them,” Cantone remarked of the show. But this one was my favorite. It’s a lot of effort, but if you’re a vocalist and a musician, it’s a lot simpler, which I had on my side.”

“Andrew Lloyd Webber Night” began with judge Nicole Scherzinger performing “Memory” from the musical “Cats.” Following that, judge Ken Jeong serenaded Webber (who was present as a guest panelist) with “Phantom of the Opera.”

On Maize, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg agreed with Mario Cantone. Robin Thicke guessed Nathan Lane. Nicole Scherzinger chose Jonathan Groff. Ken Jeong confused Bowen Yang for another person. Guest judge Andrew Lloyd Webber misidentified Jack White.

Robin Thicke got it right with Gloria Gaynor in Mermaid, and Nicole Scherzinger agreed. Ken Jeong, Cher said. Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg picked Roberta Flack. Andrew Lloyd Webber picked Gloria Estefan to play another Gloria.

'The Masked Singer' Finally Exposes Maize and Mermaid's Identities: Here's Who They Are

Cantone said organizing an Andrew Lloyd Webber night was a no-brainer for him given his Broadway credentials.

“It was scary and terrifying, but it was also really smooth since there are so many people aiding you and doing everything they can to make it simple and bearable for you.”

The producers were musical director Miguel Allison, who was the voice instructor, and my Broadway singer husband Jerry Dixon.

He picked the music for me as soon as we realized it was an Andrew Lloyd Webber night. We practiced at home, and he did a lot of the musical rehearsal for me.”

The Season 8 competitors “boast a combined 32 Grammy nods, 16 Emmy victories, eight gold albums, four Golden Globe nods, 42 books, ten Teen Choice awards, and five stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”