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Dr. Priyanka Reddy was a veterinary doctor from Shamshabad. She was working in Kolluru Village. She was raped, smothered and then she was burnt by four men. The four men are said to be hailing from Narayanpet.

Dr Priyanka Reddy Case

Dr. Priyanka Reddy Case Details:

Four people were arrested by Hyderabad Police on Friday. As per the reports they are identified as Mohammad Areef (driver),  Jollu Naveen (cleaner), Chennakesavulu (cleaner) and Jollu Shiva (driver).

According to the Police, the accused four men who were consuming alcohol at Shamshabad Toll Plaza Saw Priyanka Reddy parking the Scooter and they made a plan to rape her. And one of the men from four (Jollu Naveen) punctured the rear wheel of Priyanka Reddy which as parked at a place.

When Dr. Priyanka Reddy came back to take the scooter ar around 9:18 PM, she saw one of the tyre is punctured. One of the Prime accused Areef went to t he doctor and said he will make the scooter fixed. Another accused Jollu Siva took her scooter and said they will make the tyre fix and then came after some time and informed Priyanka Reddy that all the repair shops are closed.

The police informed that the accused then raped the girl who died because of accused recovered her mouth and nose while they were committing the crime. The accused persons then wrapped the body in a blanket and took it to the Shadnagar and burnt the body.

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I am Scared: Priyanka Told her Sister on Call

Priyanka Reddy who came all the way back from the facility has gone to another center around 5.50 pm. She stopped her bike at the toll court and took a taxi. The doctors’ sister told the police that her sister called her around 9.22 pm saying that she was at the toll court and holding on to get back her bike from an individual who accepts the vehicle for a fix as it had a punctured tire.

“You continue talking until my bike returns. They are generally holding up outside. I am frightened,” Priyanka disclosed to her sister. Be that as it may, later he hung up revealing to her sister she would call soon.

Her sister said that Priyanka’s telephone was turned off when the previous called her sister around 9.44 pm. At the point when the family neglected to contact her over the telephone, she headed to toll square yet didn’t locate her following a protest was stopped with the police. Priyanka’s body was discovered copied around 25 km from the toll square.

Justice For Priyanka Reddy Case

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