Prashanth Varma Film On CoronaVirus Still Pending

Ace director Ram Gopal Varma who has announced various projects in the last couple of months which includes Disha Rape case. He is currently working on Coronavirus in this lockdown period.

He announced that his film was the first one in the world of epidemic. But, this kind of film has already started by Prashanth Varma who has made good films like Awe and Kalki. Even before the Lockdown the unit completed 40% of the shooting part.

Infact, the unit began the project much before the COVID-19 came into light, they were shooting till January end. The entire film shoot would have been wrapped up by now if lockdown was not imposed in India.

The Young director is coming with an update now. The movie tiltle is yet to be announced and the pre look of the movie will be announced by tomarrow 9 AM.

Coming to RGV, he claimed it to be the first movie over pandemic as announced by the director himself. So this concludes that Prashanth Varma is the first director to start a movie on Coronavirus.

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