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Mikaela Spielberg is an adoptive daughter of the Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg. She is one of the seven kids Steven Spielberg has. Mikaela Spielberg is a 24-year-old actress and the second child who was adopted by Steven Spielberg. Scroll down to know more about Mikaela Spielberg.

Mikaela Spielberg Early Life

  • Mikaela George Spielberg was born on 28th February 1996, in Los Angeles, California.
  • She was then adopted by her parents Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw.
  • She was their first adoption together and was adopted when she was just an infant.
  • She has 6 siblings namely Destry Allyn Spielberg, Sasha Spielberg, Theo Spielberg, Jessica Capshaw, Sawyer Spielberg, and Max Spielberg.

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Mikaela Spielberg Career

  • Just recently Mikaela Spielberg revealed to her audience that she would be entering the adult world, and be making Adult films.
  • She was very firm with her decision and revealed that she will not have sex on camera for the happiness of her 50-year-old fiancé Chuck.
  • Her parents completely support her decision and will not discourage her, she also revealed that her parent’s kind of knew that she would enter this world more like, they knew she would not stick to the normalcy and go out of her way to make a career.
  • Mikaela revealed what sort of work she would be getting into, which would be that she would only work for private customers, also maybe a public stripper until she got her license. She would have her stage name as Sugar Star and would be uploaded on Po*nHub too after she got her license.

Mikaela Spielberg net worth

Mikaela Spielberg Personal Life

Mikaela Spielberg is the second child of Steven Spielberg and is 23 years old who recently announced that she would be working as an adult star, to which her parents are not upset and are taking it in a very open-minded manner and mostly are intrigued by her decision and fully support it.

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She is also dating 47-year-old Chuck Pankow, who is her fiancé. Very recently on February 29th, 2020 was arrested early morning for domestic violence. She was held for 12 hours first then taken to the hill detention centre. Later on, her fiancé then told Fox that it was a complete misunderstanding and that no one was hurt.

Mikaela Spielberg Net Worth

  • Mikaela Spielberg Net Worth is $3.7 Million USD.

Mikaela Spielberg Wiki

Mikaela Spielberg FULL INTERVIEW with THE SUN.

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