Jyoti Kumari Cycling Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Bihar

Today in this Article we are going to share Brave girl story Jyoti Kumari, who got her dad on Cycle and done cycling for continuously for 7 days and reached her home safely. Let’s cover Jyoti Kumari Cycling Wiki, Age, Weight, Height in the below.

Jyoti Kumari Cycling Wiki Age height weight
Jyoti Kumari Cycling Wiki Age height weight | Image Courtesy: BBC

Jyoti Kumari was only on One mission: To bring her Dad home safely, he was injured and unable to ride the cycle. Jyoti decided to bring her dad by cycling.

They took cycle for 500 Rupees and started their journey from New Delhi to her home town Sirhulli, in Bihar, one of the India’s poorest states.

While resting up in her village, Jyoti received a call from the Cycling Federation of India. Convinced she had the right stuff, Onkar Singh, the federation’s chairman, invited her to New Delhi for a tryout with the national team.

Jyoti Kumari Age

Age is not the matter when you decide to to some thing big. You have to have a strong purpose and your goal must be clear in your mind. Jyoti was only 15 years old and did tremondous job by carrying her dad on her cycle alone and reached home after 7 days.

Jyoti Kumari Height

Jyoti Kumari is about 4 feet 5 inches and her weight is aroung 45kgs. Jyoti Father name is Mohan Paswan. He is a rickshay puller. He injured him self in a traffic accident in the month of January.

He was running out of money even before the lockdown. He was among the migrant workers performing low level jobs in shadows of Gurugram, a satellite city of New Delhi.

Jyoti came out of her village from Bihar to take care of her dad. She was dropped out of school last year because they dint had enough money to let her study.

When Jyoti came up with the escape plan, her father told her its not four or five kilometers you will drag me from here, but it may be 1200 to 1300 km’s.

His father said in a Video Broad cast by BBC’s Hindi Service.

Jyoti Kumari Wiki
Jyoti Kumari Wiki

The two bought a simple girl’s bike for the equivalent of about $20. On May 8, they set off, Jyoti at the handlebars, dad sitting pillion on back. Jyoti was pretty confident on a bike, having ridden a lot in her village.

Many days they had little food. They slept at gas stations. They lived off the generosity of strangers. Jyoti said that except for one short lift on a truck, she pedaled nearly 100 miles a day. It wasn’t easy. Her father is big, and he was carrying a bag.
“Father would become upset when he heard such things, but I told him not to worry as people did not know that he was wounded,” Jyoti told an interviewer at The Wire, an Indian publication. (Over the past few days, she has done a lot of interviews).

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