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Biography of James Khuri

James Khuri is one of the top 10 business people to watch in 2021, according to Yahoo. James Khuri is a prosperous businessman from Los Angeles who owns a variety of companies in the real estate and e-commerce sectors.

Forbes said that the CEO of FJ Holdings had already achieved $100 million in sales by the age of 27 and anticipated making $200 million in revenue by 2021.

In Rochester, New York, James Khuri was born in December 1977. His family moved to Lebanon when he was six years old to reestablish their home there.

After around six months, his family went back to New York out of concern for their safety in light of the ongoing conflict. After enrolling at the University of Rochester, James Khuri graduated with an MBA from the Simon School of Business.

He moved to Los Angeles, California, where he now resides, in 2009. Khuri began his real estate profession at the age of 21 and today owns residences and medical facilities in New York and Los Angeles.

James’ major break came in real estate, but e-commerce has been his main emphasis and the biggest factor in his success. At an early age, he became interested in collecting trading cards. He turned this enthusiasm into a lucrative distribution company, which allowed him to become Amazon’s top trading card supplier for at least 136 nations.

James, who Forbes refers to as a “serial entrepreneur,” is continuously changing and adapting to the demands and trends of the economic world. James enjoys spending time with his teenage son when he isn’t running his enormous business empire.

They like trying out different places and looking for new movies to see together. James maintains physical exercise by participating in weight lifting, boxing, trekking, and other sports activities because he recognizes the value of maintaining his mind and body in top operating order.

Performance Properties, a real estate company that owns medical office buildings, was James Khuri’s first venture. He owns other companies, including Khuri Enterprises and FJ Holdings, in addition to the one that is currently in existence.

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Khuri Enterprises:

James Khuri is the owner and creator of Khuri Enterprises, a real estate business that specializes in multi-family and commercial properties. The business is dedicated to looking out for its customers, and renovating the properties it owns to keep them in top shape at all times.

Khuri Enterprises is a market leader for commercial and multi-family real estate because of its excellent customer service and James’ vast real estate expertise.

FJ Holdings:

Khuri Enterprises, a real estate company that specializes in multi-family and commercial buildings, is owned and founded by James Khuri.

The company is committed to looking out for its clients and refurbishing its homes to keep them in excellent condition. Amazon, FYE, and Walmart are a few of their major customers. Pokemon, Topps, Nintendo, Konami, Mattel, and Hasbro are among their most important suppliers.

James Khuri Charity

James Khuri is a skilled businessman who also takes part in charity endeavors. He is one of the co-founders of beautifulminds.com, a nonprofit organization that supports programs and facilities that serve people who require assistance with their spirituality, mental health, physical treatment, and rehabilitation.

James Khuri’s Success Formula

Establishing strong working connections, in James Khuri’s opinion, is the key to his success in whatever he does. He wants to keep his customers happy and pleased by understanding the demands of his target audience.

James does all of this by paying attention to his client’s issues and acting appropriately. He doesn’t merely see them as a way to earn more money; rather, he respects his clients, customers, and tenants like he would any other human person.

James Khuri is a well-known businessman with ties to the real estate and e-commerce sectors who is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. He presently serves as the CEO of two businesses: trading card distributor FJ Holdings and real estate firm Khuri Enterprises.

James is dedicated to giving his customers the best deals possible and spreading his business expertise throughout the globe. Recently, Ideamensch and Dotcom Magazine both published interviews with James Khuri. You may check Khuri’s Crunchbase profile or learn more about him by going to www.fjholdings.com.

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Short Information

  • Known As – James Khuri
  • Current Age – 47 years old as of 2022.
  • Birthdate – 26 December 1975
  • Profession –      Businessman

Personal Information

  • BirthName – James Khuri
  • Known As – James Khuri
  • Date of Birth – 26 December 1975
  • Current Age – 47 years old as of 2022
  • Birth Place –    Los Angeles, California
  • Hometown – California, US
  • Profession –      Businessman
  • Zodiac Sign – Capricorn
  • Religion – Christianity.
  • Nationality – American

Physical Stats

● Height –

  • in centimeters- 192 cm
  • in meters- 1.92 m
  • in feet & inches- 6 feet and 3 inches.

● Weight –

  • In kilograms – 62 kg
  • In pounds – 137 lbs

● Eye Color – Brown

● Hair Color – Black

Education | Qualification

  • School – N/A
  • College – Simon School of Business, Rochester, New York
  • Qualification – MBA

Family | Relative

  • Father – Fuad J. Khuri
  • Mother – Umaya Khuri
  • Brother – N/A
  • Sister – Jane Khuri
  • Son – Brendan Khuri
  • Daughter – N/A
  • GF/BF – N/A
  • Wife – Christine Khuri-Roderick (Ex)

Relationship Status

  • Wife – Christine Khuri-Roderick (Ex)
James Khuri with car

Net Worth

The businessman has earned a sizeable fortune from his two primary enterprises and is seeing success with his online firm. Around $400 million is said to be his net worth. Currently, James serves as the CEO of the trading card distributor FJ Holdings.

His income comes from several different sources, including ventures, investments, and social media platforms.

He also established the real estate company Khuri Enterprises. Soon after completing his MBA, he entered the real estate industry. He started acquiring medical and residential structures in New York and Los Angeles in 2001.

  • Total net worth – $400 million.

Car Collection

  • Lamborghini Urus
  • BMW M6 Sedan
  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Lamborghini Huracan (2)
  • Bike Collection – N/A
  • House – 607 North Hillcrest Road, Beverly Hills


  • James owns a dog as a pet and loves animals.
  • James has two tattoos: one large one on his right arm and one smaller one on his neck.
  • More than 4,000 orders are processed each week by James Khuri’s business. On a new method named “Fulfilled by Walmart,” his business is collaborating with Walmart. He claims that it is comparable to Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon offers for online shopping.
  • James Khuri’s company is processing more than 4,000 orders per week. His company is working with Walmart on a new system called ‘Fulfilled by Walmart’. He says it’s similar to Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon feature for e-commerce.
  • James stated in a Forbes interview that he had never gotten a loan from a bank because he felt that doing so was how banks controlled businesses. He has mostly paid for all of his businesses out of his own pocket.

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Awards | Achievements

  • James Khuri is one of the top 10 business people to watch in 2021, according to Yahoo.

Social Accounts


Ans: James Khuri is the CEO of trading card distributor FJ Holdings as well as real estate firm Khuri Enterprises. According to Forbes magazine’s annual list of the world’s most influential individuals, his projected net worth will be over $400 million in 2022.

Ans: He established his businesses by borrowing money from the bank, which he claims is the quickest and simplest method to give the bank a stake in your company.

Ans: Christine Khuri-Roderick is James Khuri’s ex-wife. The couple divorced in 2008 when Brendan their son was around 5 years old.

Ans: Intagram/@jameskhuri is James Khuri’s real Instagram handle.

Ans: In October, James’ son was charged in a fatal crash that left a 32-year-old woman dead. Brendan Khuri admitted to vehicular manslaughter in the case. He was sentenced to nine months of what’s described as a “rigorous juvenile camp”.