In a two-issue arc from the creator, X-MEN LEGENDS will reveal Bishop’s untold origin story in January.

Beginning in January of next year, WhilcePortacio and Brian Haberlin will launch a two-part X-Men Legends storyline that explores the mutant’s secret origin tale and offers fresh perspectives on Bishop’s initial mission. Explore it…

The X-Men were in the midst of their great 1990s era in 1991, and they were at the vanguard of it.

I present Lucas Bishop! Bishop, who appeared from the far future and infected the mutant mythos with his explosive no-nonsense attitude and the captivating mystery that propelled him, was created by WhilcePortacio and John Byrne along with Portacio’s lifelong buddy, artist Karl Altstaetter.

Since then, the energy-absorbing mutant soldier has played a significant role in X-Men stories.

This January, readers of X-Men Legends issues #5 and 6 may relive the momentous comic book debut of the energy-absorbing mutant soldier. Together with renowned comics author Brian Haberlin, Portacio will pen and illustrate the epic.

In a two-issue arc from the creator, X-MEN LEGENDS will reveal Bishop's untold origin story in January.

It will eventually be revealed in the plot why Bishop’s disastrous time travel mission, which transported him from the future and into the presence of the X-Men, went so wrong.

Prior to Bishop’s debut in the classic Uncanny X-Men #282, the arc will shed more light on Bishop’s initial reasons, the deep regret he feels for his killed companions, and the bleak environment he left behind. It will also offer a surprising level of complexity.

In the series X-Men Legends, which sees the greatest X-Men creators return with brand-new, in-continuity stories set during their original legendary runs, this amazing and moving two-parter is only the most recent X-Men epic.

I have a special fondness for science fiction.” Specifically, the aspect of science that creates new worlds “Portacio clarifies. So, when Karl and I created Lucas Bishop, we conceptualized a setting for Omega Squad.

“We weren’t given sufficient time in the first version to demonstrate any of that,” Brian and I are able to offer the reader a first impression of some of the specifics of the world that Bishop left behind in these two issues.”

“Bishop seems to be much┬ámore to me than just X-Men muscle,” said the speaker. He has always seemed to me to be a man who was born to succeed in a difficult world “He concludes his point of contention.

In spite of this, the author claims, “he hides a heart more suited to a nicer existence within himself…which gives him meaning in that brutal world.”

It’s wonderful to see Bishop given such prominence towards the beginning of the story in January.

The protagonist has only appeared in one live-action movie, 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, but if the aim is to keep exploring the Multiverse and time-traveling, he or she may have a much brighter future in the MCU.