Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Auditions and Registrations

The Telugu Big Reality Show Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 is back, The much loved and eagerly awaited show is finally coming in the month of August.

In this article we will share the details and registration process for the common man to apply in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Auditions. Here are the step by step process to register yourself in your favorite show.

Bigg Boss Telugu Reality show is the one of the most popular show among all the languages. Here we have to remind you that this show is the copy of popular Dutch Series Big Brother

Scroll down below and read till end to know the complete process with out skipping any thing.

If you are following the Telugu season from the Starting you must have seen that the First Season was hosted by Junior NTR, Second season by Natural Star Nani, and Third Season by Akkineni Nagarjuna. And again the Fourth Season is hosted by Nagarjuna.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Auditions and Registrations

Below is the Registration process to enter the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4

Only in second season commoner was given the opportunity to enter into the bigg boss house. The First and third season were only celebrity contestants. We have to wait and watch wheather in fourth season is there any chance for the common people.

  • For registration you have to visit the official website, click here
  • You will find a form to register yourself on the homepage itself.
  • Fill that form and add your complete details correctly, otherwise it may get rejected.
  • You have to mention why you want to be the part of Bigg Boss House.
  • In the last step you have to upload a short introduction video/ Audition clip.
  • If all the above criteria fit into Bigg Boss Officials, then you will get the call for the next process.

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If you want the complete registration process, then you have to follow the official facebook page of Starmaa. Here they will regularly update the status of the show and you can get the live updates about the show.

More information about the registration process will be updated by the Bigg Boss Team.

Eligilibility Criteria To Enter Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4

  • The candidates must be above 18 years old.
  • Participants must submit the valid documents mentioned by bigg boss team.
  • The registrations are only for Indian Citizens.
  • The Participants must be Physically and mentally Fit.

We hope you have got all the answers that you were searching for. If you can do all the steps mentioned above then you can even get selected in the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4.

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