Alex Neustaedter Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Personal Life & Net Worth

Alex Neustaester is an American Actor. Alex is a well-known actor for playing Bram Browman in the American Network series Colony.

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Alex Neustaester Early Life

Alex Francis Neustaester was born on 29th March 1998. He is 22 years old currently. His parents are Teri Neustaester and Jeff Neustaester.

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He was born in Kansas City. He perused athletics and formal training as an actor in Los Angeles. While training physically as an actor he landed many roles too.

Alex Neustaedter Biography

Alex Neustaester Career

Alex Neustaester started his career very young, once he went to train in LA. He started getting offers and many roles. He got roles in commercial ads, and industrial projects, and was also featured in films.

During this time his manager called him back for the pilot season. That kick-started his career.

Later in 2015, he got the movie ITHACA, he was offered the lead role after this he got a well-known role in the colony series.

After which he was offered many other roles in The Tribes of Palos Verdes, Walking Out and now he will be featured in American Women.

He has a lead role in AXL in which he was playing the role of Miles.

Alex Neustaedter Net Worth

Alex Neustaester Personal Life

Alex Neustaester’s personal life details are not available as of now. He has had one relationship in the past. It is not known with whom yet, currently, Alex is single.

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Alex Neustaester Net Worth

Alex Neustaester’s net worth is $ 5 million. His primary source of income is his TV acting career. He also earns through advertisements & promotions.

Alex Neustaester Latest Interview

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